GK Questions for kids

GK Questions for kids of Class 1. Read here General Knowledge Questions for kids of Class 1. General Knowledge Questions are very important for kids and other also. GK makes a person well aware about his surroundings.

Gk Questions For Class 1 kids

Q.1 How many colors are there in Rainbow?
a. Eight
b. Seven
c. Six
d. Nine
Ans: Seven

Q.2 How many days are there in a week?
a. Fifteen Days
b. Eight Days
c. Nine Days
d. Seven Days
Ans: Seven Days

Q.3 What comes after 8 ?
a. 9
b. 7
c. 6
d. 10
Ans: 9

Q.4 How many days are there in a year ?
a. 360
b. 31
c. 365
d. 28
Ans: 365

Q.5 Who was the first prime minister of India ?
a. Dr. Rajinder Parshad
b. Mahatma Gandhi
c. Narender Modi
d. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans: Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

Q.6 Which day comes after Sunday?
a. Monday
b. Tuesday
c. Saturday
d. Friday
Ans: Monday

Q.7 What is 3 + 3 ?
a. 7
b. 6
c. 4
d. 9
Ans: 6

Q.8 How many months we have in a year ?
a. 10 Months
b. 11 Months
c. 12 Months
d. 7 Months
Ans: 12 Months

Q.9 how many ears and eyes we have?
a. One , One
b. One, Two
c. Two, One
d. Two, Two
Ans Two, Two

Q10. Who was the first president of India ?
a. Dr. Jakir Hussain
b. Dr. Radhakrishnan
c. Dr. Rajinder Parshad
d. Dr. Abdul Kalam
Ans: Dr. Rajinder Parshad

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