What is cryptocurrency and how to invest in Cryptocurrency is a trending question in the mind of all of us. There are many people you have listened talking about the benefits or drawbacks of investing in Crypto. Before investing in any business or shares or in Crypto currency you should gain complete knowledge about it. So in This article we will discuss about the Crypto currency in Details.

What is Cryptocurrency

What is Cryptocurrency -Crypto currency kya hoti hain

It has been seen since last three years people are willing to investing in Crypto currency to earn money online and they are doing well also. Crypto currency in simple words is a digital or virtual Currency or digital asset which you can use to purchase services or goods. You cannot touch or keep it in your pocket as regular currencies like Dollar, Pound, Euro or Rupee.

This currency like regular currencies is not regularized by Centralized system like Governments or Central banks of Nations. Its transactions and records are maintained digitally by a decentralized system using Cryptography.

You have heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc. All these are example of Cryptocurrencies. At present about 2000 such cryptocurrencies exist all over the world. Different Cryptocurrencies has different values. The first ever Cryptocurrency was Bitcoin. It came in existence in the year 2008, Since it is the most famous Cryptocurrency in the world.

The Cryptocurrencies can be purchased by some Cryptocurrency agencies or from mining. Mining of cryptocurrency is a very hard and energy consuming process. The value of Cryptocurrency is very volatile in nature.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Invest in Cryptocurrency has become a simple task . You can buy Crypto currency by a Broker or Crypto Exchange. For this you have to follow some common simple steps and then you can easily purchase or invest in Crypto currency of your choice. It is advised you to invest in Crypto with carefully only after complete knowledge of it.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

1.Select a Broker of Cryptocurrency Exchange

First of all you have to choose a crypto exchange or a Broker. Cryptocurrency or Crypto Exchange is a platform which provides seller and buyer a common trading platform. In market a lot of Crypto exchange are available. In India WazirX is a famous crypto exchange company. You can think about it.

2.Create your Account online by following simple steps.

After selecting a broker or a crypto exchange fill your details like Name, Address, Mobile No and email address carefully. You may have to submit some other details like your PAN card and other identity detail or income details. After verifying your details you will get your used id and password. Use it to login in your account. Only after complete verification you can sell or buy Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency me invest kese kare

3. Deposit money in your wallet to buy Cryptocurrency.

After successfully creating your account with a broker or crypto exchange, deposit money in your account. You can only buy crypto currency only with the funds available in your account. You can use your debit or credit card to transfer funds from your bank account to your trading account. After successful transfer of money you can buy Crypto.

Note: While transferring funds using credit card make sure to repay it on time. It is because bank charges heavy interest when you make direct transactions with your credit card.

4. Place Your First Order of Cryptocurrency

When you successfully deposit money in your account, you can place your first order to buy Crypto. You can choose any crypto currency of your choice from the hundreds of cryptocurrencies. You will find many cryptocurrencies there like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc. After making your choice you have to to select the crypto currency and its quantity. There are some Brokers or Crypto Exchange which provide fractional shares of cryptocurrencies.

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